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Deed of Undertaking的中文法律解釋為何?
5/12/2007 · 今天看到香港的律師寫了一封公文,標題叫Deed of Undertaking 請問要如何解釋?是保證書的意思嗎? 已更新項目: 順便再請問一下,without prejudice要怎麼翻才好,thanks 回答 收藏 1 個解答 評分? 1 0 年前 最佳解答 行為承擔 that should work 2007-12-05 10:39:35
Santos Limited (Deed of Undertaking) Act 2007 - Service SA


每個地產代理應為其營業員編訂一份在土地查冊資料內常見的文件的英文名稱及其中文譯名作參考,有需要時,亦應就某一些特別文件名稱加上註釋,令從業員較易理解有關文件的重要性和影響力。 以下為一些常見的文件及其中文譯名和註釋:
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 · PDF 檔案MODEL DEED OF GUARANTEE AND INDEMNITY 標準擔保和彌償 保證契據 由香港按揭文件標準化計劃統籌委員會制定 簽署在本擔保的中文 譯本上。中文譯本並非用作簽署的文件,乃 是用作向擔保人提供本擔保條款和內容的翻譯
Affidavit of undertaking

Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Hong Kong

– Supplemental Deed (24 Jun, 2002) The Insolvency Fund – Agreement (13 Aug, 2009) Domestic Agreement for the Insolvency Fund – Agreement (1 Nov, 1985) – Supplemental Deed (13 Aug,2009) Deed of Undertaking for New Members
Deed of Assignment and Transfer of Rights


 · PDF 檔案SCHEDULE 10 – FORM OF DEED OF UNDERTAKING & INDEMNITY Parties Wiley & Co Pty Ltd ABN 40 010 604 869 (Wiley) and The party named in item 1 of the schedule to this deed (sub-subcontractor) Background A. Wiley is the head
Deed of Donation

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the contents of the undertaking and has properly understood the same and in witness whereof had signed on this Deed of Undertaking on this day of 2014 at place Cite this page APA MLA Harvard Chicago ASA IEEE AMA Deed of Undertaking. (2016
Deed of Sale of Motor Vehicle With Assumption of Mortgage | Deed
Deed of Undertaking
 · PDF 檔案This Deed of Undertaking shall serve as our Promissory Note in favor of the DOST-SEI Scholarship Program to pay whatever financial support given to me, _____, (Scholar) in case of my (Date of Return ) IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have here to
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Undertaking legal definition of undertaking

Undertaking A written promise offered as security for the performance of a particular act required in a legal action. In a criminal case, an undertaking of bail is security for the appearance of the defendant. In the event the defendant fails to appear, the amount posted
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Letter of Undertaking Sample

 · PDF 檔案Letter of Undertaking Sample Mr. John Doe, Tractor Supply Laland, Texas Dear Mr. Doe This letter is to inform you that I wish to accept the position of head landscaper that was offered to me on the day of December 24th, 2009. As per the agreed upon terms, I will
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Marriage Certificate Request Letter Template With Sample 220271 Warning Letter for Late ing 768994 Our main objective is that these letter of undertaking template pictures gallery can be a guidance for you, give you more references and of course present you an